If you don’t know Frankie Vado, just listen to his lyrics. The words are ripped right out of his personal storybook. From the streets of Kensington in Philadelphia where he grew up to his professional life as a rapper working in North Philly, Frankie writes about what he knows.

He started rapping when he was in ninth grade in cyphers throughout the halls and cafeteria of his school, Kensington High. At first it was an outlet, a way for him to deal with the constant relocation and detachment experienced from living in foster homes. 

He knew an education was important, so Frankie reluctantly put music on the back burner, while he earned two bachelor’s degrees from Penn State University. Frankie graduated from PSU in 2009 and his music career began. Since then he’s been working with his friend and producer “Phoe Notes” to develop his sound. 

After 5 long years of struggle and rejection from major labels, they decided to release Frankie Vado’s debut album, “Yesterday’s Reject” independently. 

Since the release of the first album, Frankie has been performing and selling out Philadelphia venues. He’s currently finishing his second album.